A Living Dream

The view was a living dream,I have been longing to lift my head up to see these gigantic mountains,To walk to these paths without feeling my feet numb,To be able to swim in these waters,To feel the wind rush through me striving to occupy any gaps around my body,Indeed this is what I longed for,Please... Continue Reading →

A True Friend.

I admire and desire loneliness because it's a true friend. It's the only friend that will never leave me, never betray me. I myself am a betrayer because, I abandoned loneliness and chased happiness. For happiness threw me away. But it was always loneliness that came crawling towards me, in utter silence. Not mocking me... Continue Reading →

Through Stony Paths

Walking through the stony paths, The sound of footsteps fading in the air, I saw a raw and untouched beauty, Beauty extending from the depth of the crystal clear water, To the steep mountains that kissed the wide blue sky filled with fluffy clouds, This was the view I was longing for, For an instance... Continue Reading →

What should I call it?

The water peaceful yet dangerous, Colourless yet blue, Tastless yet salty, All these differences diverging and wrestling in my mind, As to what ever the water call itself?  

To Be Free Again

Do not keep me in boundaries, Do not chain my hands and feet, To the miseries of this world, No doubt I will escape to places like these, To feel the peaceful nature, I will drive into it and let it take away all my pain from ages, To blow the unwounded mean turn me... Continue Reading →

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